Transition 4.0: let's find out what it is and what benefits it can offer

April 06 2021
Transition 4.0

New National Transition 4.0 Plan

With the Transition 4.0 Plan., the state wanted to incentivize certain investments by companies, with a focus on innovations that ensure some regard for sustainability, environmental issues, digital technology and design. Both sole proprietorships and corporations are eligible for Transition 4.0 incentives.

The facilities that companies can access, concern both tangible and intangible assets, if they can support and encourage the technological and digital development of their structure, always oriented toward eco-sustainability and environmental and green issues.

The definition of tangible and intangible assets refers to a wide range of categories, particularly incentivizing those devices that enable digital control, including remote control, of a company's production and logistics activities.

Also included in the Transition 4.0 program are the development and application of dedicated software, research activities, and worker training and refresher programs.

Transition 4.0: our commitment to support innovation

Thanks to Transition 4.0, it is possible to take advantage of rather high deduction rates, while, on the other hand, the timeframe for obtaining them has been lowered: in fact, the credits can be taken advantage of over a period ranging from 1 year for small companies up to 3 years. Much more convenient, therefore, than the previous super-depreciation and hyper-depreciation, which instead provided for a dilution of the tax credit over a period of 8 years.

Our company, a leader in the design and production of metal shelving for companies, warehouses and offices, also offers innovative solutions that integrate shelving structure with customized software.

These are specific applications to manage the movement of goods, loading and unloading operations, printing of labels and barcodes, and all the workflows of a company's logistics sector.

We are available to offer customized consultations for the realization of facilities integrated with information systems, which allow to optimize and speed up the work of warehousing, storage and handling of goods.

Thanks to nearly 50 years of experience in the production of industrial shelving, and a great passion for our work combined with continuous research into new technologies, we are now able to propose tailor-made solutions and offer a complete service: from study, to design, to final testing, to subsequent implementations.

Rely on our experience, contact us.

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