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April 28 2023
Warehouse_D&G_DeLuca_Pallet rack

D&G Warehouse De Luca Trucking

D&G DE LUCA CUSTOMER NEEDS WAREHOUSE SHELTER D&G DE LUCA CUSTOMER NEEDS The customer's need was to design a new warehouse that would allow [...]
February 14 2023
Multi-story earthquake-resistant warehouse RUBIX

Multi-storey warehouse RUBIX

MULTI-Storey WAREHOUSE RUBIX CUSTOMER NEEDS The customer's requirement was to design a new multi-storey warehouse that would allow the increase of [...]
September 07 2021


Massimo Vadori - Humanitarian's Technical Office Manager.
"I contacted you following an online search to set up a room intended for the archives of the Humanitarian Society. The professionalism of your staff, both commercial and technical was the main reason why Umanitaria chose Cosmet as their supplier; the commercial value was important of course, however I believe that your offer was the best in relation to quality and price. We are satisfied with the service in that the delivery time was met, there were no hiccups in installation, and the solutions proposed by Cosmet met the needs we expressed."

September 07 2021


Giordano Bellinzona - Gammabus Ltd.
"We heard about Cosmet and having the need to design a new warehouse we inquired more about the company. We chose you for several reasons including the excellent welcome at the headquarters and the presentation of your production, the design of the plant executed and modified according to our needs and last but not least, the good feeling with the reference salesman. We are absolutely satisfied with the proposed solution that fully met our needs, with the work done by Cosmet that met the agreed timetable and completed the work a few days ahead of schedule."

September 07 2021

Ravarini Castoldi & C. S.r.l.

Luigi Ravarini, A.V. of the company Ravarini Castoldi & C. s.r.l.
"We relied on Cosmet for the realization of several warehouses as we are satisfied with the complete service provided. All the project phases from the study of different proposals and customized warehouse solutions, through the commercial negotiation, to the installation of the chosen logistic solution have always satisfied us and we have not encountered any negative findings to date."