Heavy gravity shelving: how and why

August 02 2021

The gravity shelving are structures for storing goods in warehouses, especially suitable in the case of continuous and periodic rotation.

A typical example is perishable goods, which must be positioned in such a way as to maintain a constant order according to the specified expiration date. To enable this type of handling, gravity racking has special rollers that are slightly inclined, which promote the movement of pallets by taking advantage of a controlled force of gravity.

The dynamic warehouse solution, set up with heavy-gravity racking, is best suited, as we have said, for products with a shelf life, but it can still facilitate handling for any type of goods: industrial products, automotive accessories, general food products, medicines, chemicals, mineral water and more.

Our company, possessing a long experience in the field of metal shelving design and integrated logistics, offers gravity shelving wherever there is a need to save time for goods handling and manage stocks more accurately.

This system also makes better use of space and avoids mistakes and confusion when preparing orders.


Advantages of gravity shelving

With heavy-gravity racking, you get direct access to the pallets you want to pick and easy, smooth rotation of goods, perfect for perishable or short-term products. For this reason, the most frequent destinations of use are in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The gravity system allows intensive storage to be managed according to the preferred order, so that the first or last pallet that enters the warehouse is picked up, depending on the type of product and possible expiration date.

The structure consists of beams, shoulders, and uprights that support inaccessible aisles in tunnels composed of roller tracks. All to enable maximum safety during loading and unloading operations.

Also in this type of racking, specific accessories can be added that secure the pallets and prevent damage to the goods. The structure can be equipped with electronic controls that signal further control of weights, dimensions and pallet passage. We recommend this type of structure wherever there is the presence of consumer products, which are handled with a continuous flow.

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